Perspectives from clients and colleagues

Below are various thoughts and observations from clients and colleagues, each of whom describes his or her personal experience of working with me.  I hope these give you a sense of my style and approach from different vantage points, and a clearer picture of what you could expect if we decided to work together.



Amy B.

I came to Sean feeling like I was drowning in an ever-rising sea of obligations, responsibilities, and expectations.  Our time together helped me understand how my own way of thinking—and my resulting choices—were at the core of my distress.  More importantly, he asked the questions I couldn’t—or wouldn’t—ask myself.  Over the course of a year, as I gained a much clearer understanding of myself, my perspective shifted, and the cobwebs cleared.  The result was a much less stressful, more hopeful, and more joyful daily life.  Sean’s gentle, yet incisive approach to therapy has had a long-term impact on how I handle creative, personal, and parental challenges.


Andrew S.

Before meeting Sean, I felt like my life was in a holding pattern and I was doomed to keep repeating the same unproductive behaviors forever.  I felt like I was never going to let myself be happy.  Sean’s intelligence, perspective, and compassion were such a welcome relief.  The very first time I met him, he had me laughing about issues that had been deeply bothersome to me.  Talking with Sean gave me insight into how I had been thinking about things and how that thinking could change.  He gave me new tools that allowed me to move forward in my life and deepen my relationships.  I feel much better able to happily handle the tough challenges.  And, frankly, I am a much more hopeful person now.



Ali Khadivi, Ph.D.

I first met Sean almost twenty years ago when he was a graduate student and I was training him in both therapy and psychological testing.  Even then, Sean was bright, curious and insightful, and brought an honesty and compassion to his work that patients clearly responded to.  I know he’s continued to develop these qualities in his own practice.  Whether doing therapy or testing, Sean has the unique combination of insight, empathy and directness to help his clients see themselves more clearly, see their problems more realistically, and move towards viable solutions.  Sean is an outstanding psychologist, and a gifted and compassionate therapist.  He carries my highest recommendation.


Roy Futterman, Ph.D.

Sean and I worked together at North Central Bronx Hospital, where I had the opportunity to see the impact of his work firsthand.  His clinical insight, intelligence and sensitivity profoundly improved the lives of the patients he worked with, and challenged his colleagues to raise their own standards of care. At the same time, Sean completely revamped the hospital’s psychological testing program, re-energizing what had been an underutilized service for our patients. He remains a close colleague whose opinion and perspective I value and trust. Sean is an outstanding psychologist.  Call him.  He can help.


Ann Tedesco, Ph.D.

I know Sean from our work together assessing senior executives, and we’ve had many opportunities to discuss both work and clinical issues.  I always find conversations with Sean both reassuring and thought provoking.  He is engaged and present and, regardless of what I say, nonjudgmental.  I find he quickly gets to the crux of the issue and has a good understanding of what my feelings and needs are in the moment.  Through his questions and our resulting discussion I find I have a new perspective and clearer path forward to work through the issue. I would recommend Sean to my own family and friends, and I enthusiastically recommend him to you.