Psychological Testing

What is testing and how can it help?

Psychological testing can be an invaluable tool that provides the kind of perspective, insight and solutions we also strive for in therapy.  In this case, we’d use a battery of psychological tests to better understand not just your symptoms, but your personality, cognitive and emotional style, and interpersonal approach.  In other words, like therapy, psychological tests help to clarify who you are, how you make sense of the world, and how you cope with the challenges of daily life. Some tests are simple multiple-choice questionnaires, while others may involve looking at and responding to various stimuli.  We would work together to integrate your responses on these tests with other data—such as your history, current issues, and behavior—to provide a fuller portrait of you and your psychological functioning.

In my practice, I see testing as consistent with my mission and an excellent complement to my therapy services.  Since most people are even less familiar with testing than therapy, I included an additional page here to describe what testing can add, why you might consider it, and what the process would look like.  Feel free to skip this page if you have no interest in testing, but if you’re curious check it out.